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Eco Conscience

Image by Josefin

Our company's primary service is enhancing your convention booth with our aesthetically pleasing decoration service on opening day, featuring beautiful foliage integrated with your business items. We aim to provide this service while being mindful of environmental sustainability.

Image by Jackie DiLorenzo

Commitment to Sustainability

in Everything We Do

Recently, we've upgraded our computer and networking system to be energy efficient with LCD monitors and power-friendly printers. We've also instituted practices such as setting computers to energy-saving modes, minimizing paper waste by prioritizing email over print, recycling ink cartridges, and repurposing misprinted materials. Sensitive documents are shredded and used as packing materials.


Our commitment to sustainability extends to using biodegradable pesticides on our plants and minimizing air conditioning usage in our Florida offices. We believe in providing a pleasant environment for our staff, including a modern break/lunch room encouraging them to bring their own lunches, ultimately reducing their environmental footprint. We thank you for considering our environmentally-friendly and cost-effective services.

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