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The very first and paramount part of our services is providing a decoration service to bring customers to your convention booth at site opening day. We accomplish this by complimenting your service at show time with our beautiful foliage with your business items. We are also consciences of providing this with other concerns: Obviously you already know this; this is why you are inquiring or acquiring our services to enhance yours.
   We have recently updated our computer / networking system to provide energy savings to us and our environment, including LCD monitors and power friendly printers. 
   Other items we have done to enhance our business to serve our customers and community better -
   All employees have complied with turning off computers, monitors, and printers while away from the office.
Our technician has tuned our computers to their energy saving settings, and “sleep mode” is on after just 5 minutes.
   We print only with black ink, no color, on our office printers. Draft mode is our default setting.   We have totally reduced paper waste; it costs too much. Emails are re-sent for reminding rather than printing and placing on others desks. As a matter of fact, this is checked daily for compliance, and tasks are tracked and checked on spreadsheets. This is wonderful for efficiency and cutting down on waste and costs!
   Ink cartridges are sent in to our office supply supplier for recycling & money benefits.
   Misprinted material is either placed in the recycle bin if unusable or sensitive , and others are cut or utilized for taking notes at meetings or for note taking at the phone.
   Sensitive documents are shredded to be utilized as packing materials, placed in office supply boxes, and donated to a person associated with our company that utilizes this inexpensive method of future sales & shipping methods for other retail uses.   Printing of interoffice documents is recommended to be printed duplex if for Company use only.We utilize 2 bins for recycling separation; one for paper products, & one for bottles, cans, and plastics.
   We use only pesticides on our plants that are biodegradable and harmless to plants, humans, & the environment.
   Our office staff opens windows during Florida’s perfect seasons to decrease use of air conditioning. As always, AC vent air cleaners are replaced or cleaned on a regular schedule.
   As your show site can be represented and complimented, so is our office. Plants provide cleaner air to breathe by all! They absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen.
   We offer a very pleasant and modern break/lunch room for our employees. This provides our employees the opportunity to “brownbag” their own lunches, save on gas and car maintenance, and have a leisure break. Our employees are offered water which is not filling up landfills! 
Thank you for considering our services. We appreciate it !